April Extreme Cash Giveaway | #WIN $500 CASH! 4/16-5/13

extreme cash

Welcome to the April EXTREME CASH GIVEAWAY! This month we will be giving away $500 CASH to one lucky winner! There are lots of entries available and this giveaway will go on for a whole month, so take your time! Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back every day and claim your daily entries too.

To enter, simply use the Rafflcopter form below. Giveaway ends on 5/13 at 12:01 AM EST. Open worldwide to anyone with a PayPal account. Good luck!

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  1. April Clark Trent says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve done today is start my day without coffee :)

  2. Terri Betz says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve done today is enter this awesome giveaway!

  3. Susan Jonell Roragen says:

    Bought a mocha and sat in my car with my husband watching the birds and boats out on the water.

  4. Played frisbee & bubbles with my grandson and dogs- how exciting, right? But really, haven’t done much extreme lately.

  5. The last one on voting was not for picket fence it was for top mommy blogs w/boosting, which IIRC you are not allowed to ask for votes for entries according to their rules unless they changed them recently. I clicked the pinterest links, though, for the rest.

  6. Pinky Sade says:

    today, i woke up so early and couldn’t go back to sleep!

  7. Pulled an all nighter and had less than an hours sleep

  8. Picked up Market Day order, went to Post Office, went shopping for Christmas & birthday gifts and home decor(have been ill so had to get out of house) went to library and got book for myself on TM and 11-22-63 by Stephen King for my husband. Made a decent dinner-that’s extreme for me. Meditated 2x’s today.Organized some cards

  9. Theresa Shafer says:

    I colored my hair and burnt it. my brown hair ended up as dry orange straw.

  10. Did punch bug game while driving.

  11. Went to a baby shower lol how exciting.

  12. Kim Philo says:

    Took my 2 yr old to the Museum of Nature and Science for Earth day. What a chaos!

  13. Noelia Vasquez says:

    Ran a marathon

  14. Tiffany Shanower says:

    Helped a kiddo with ADHD-like symptoms have a better day at school with ice cream…… while we practiced some self-regulation skills :) He was smiling by the end of our session :)

  15. Most extreme today: spending the day with twenty little people!

  16. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Cleaned the house and did all the laundry.

  17. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Staying up past midnight to enter all these awesome giveaways tonight!

  18. Woke up lolol I am just getting started.

  19. Amanda Hoffman says:

    going to the store

  20. I took a two hour nap in the middle of the day (unheard of for me)… but I am seven months pregnant :) Thanks for a great giveaway.

  21. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Got out of Bed! lol

  22. Debbie P says:

    Hmm, nothing to extreme today…went grocery shopping.

  23. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Cleaned the house and did all the laundry by noon….thanks

  24. Mary Casper says:

    nothig yet…

  25. Theresa J says:

    I have done the laundry today

  26. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Biked 12 miles

  27. Ann Fantom says:

    I drove my daughter to school!

  28. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Gave my dog a bath….not fun! lol

  29. Mary Casper says:

    nothing yet I am barely out of bwed

  30. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Nada yet

  31. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Got out of bed!lol

  32. Mary Casper says:

    I have had my coffee

  33. tami husak says:

    notta a thing yet…

  34. Theresa J says:

    I went to a Girls state tea

  35. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Drank a pot of coffee…lol

  36. Ashley says:

    The most extreme thing I’ve done today is do some cleaning. LOL

  37. Virginia Rowell says:

    Well, I just woke up, and so far, immediately put a load into the washer.

  38. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Got up early and cleaned

  39. Jessica Hetrick says:

    Nothing at all!

  40. I cleaned out an entire closet i’ve been wanting to organize for years!

  41. I did a million dollar quote.

  42. Claudia says:

    I entered this giveaway !

  43. Claudia says:

    Nothing yet.

  44. Mary Casper says:

    got out of bed

  45. Virginia Rowell says:

    I’m having a yard sale for 3 days now! Boy am I tired!

  46. christie kammerer says:

    Not a darn thing, I sat on my butt all day and relaxed. Forget mothers day, its mothers weekend. LOL

  47. Tami Valentine says:

    most extreme: planting about 100 plants. we are a little sore.

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