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Les Cousins Whimsical Toys – Activity Cabbage Review

Clementine is 9 months old now and is very much into discovering things: What does this red piece of plastic that I found on the ground taste like? What happens when I shake this stuffed monkey really hard? How can I get over to where mommy is? How does this fluffy thing feel on my skin? She wants to discover everything she can see and sometimes gets frustrated when she can’t reach something immediately. She then complains loudly! And of course the best toys are the ones that aren’t even toys, like our remote control, our keys, our phones, everything shiny and with lots of buttons on it.

Les Cousins Activity CabbageRecently, we gave her the Les Cousins Activity Cabbage made by the French toy company, Moulin Roty. It has lots of things on it for her to discover! Usually I would say, “Don’t play with your food Clemmi!” But in this case, the cabbage is so soft and fluffy that I allow for an exception. The cabbage hides a little carrot, a squeaky snail and a little mirror inside the cabbage layers. And if you look very hard, you can even find a little worm hidden in the leaves of the cabbage! Clemmi likes tasting the different textures and of course loves to toss the whole thing around.

Les Cousins Activity Cabbage

I like the velcro strap that allows me to attached it to her bed or her stroller for entertainment. I also think that it makes a cute baby shower gift!

Les Cousins Activity Cabbage

You can find the Activity Cabbage, as well as the rest of the Les Cousins toy collection, online at My Sweet Muffin.


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