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I recently stumbled across a new discount/wholesale website called No Better Deal. I had read about it on some of the other blogs I read, and decided to check it out. Everyone is always talking about what amazing deals they are getting, so I had to see for myself. I was super excited to see lots of items at great prices. Most items are 50% off of retail or more! They have everything from small appliances to TV’s to boxes of diapers. They actually have some great deals on baby/kid items that you should check out!

The reason they can offer such good deals is because they are a wholesaler that sells everything from new in the box to as-is condition. In some cases the item is new, but the box is damaged. Because of this, they can offer better deals than most stores. I have only heard people say that they have had great experiences with the company (no issues with the items they’ve purchased). No Better Deal does have a 30-Day Return Policy with a full refund, so that’s definitely reassuring.

I have been looking for a good steam mop, so I was excited to see the Eureka Enviro Steam (excellent reviews on Amazon, btw) for 50% off. (Bummer, I can’t even show you a picture or give you a link because it’s sold out now!) I ordered it, so we will see how I like it!

No Better Deal’s inventory changes on a daily basis, so keep that in mind as you check it out. I’m hoping to find some more great deals, especially now that we will be getting a new house and I will need to buy a few things! 🙂

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