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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About iPhone Cases

I am an iPhone snob. It’s all my husband’s fault. A few years ago he surprised me with one for Christmas and I’ve been in love every since. I swore I wouldn’t like it and vowed that I would be switching back to my beloved Blackberry. I was wrong. After a few days of use, I was hooked. I am on my third iPhone and have no intentions of ever using anything different. Once you go Apple, you never go back, right? 🙂

Since iPhones are so easy to break, I always make sure that I have a case on mine. But did you know that 57% of people use a case because it’s “fashionable,” not because it offers protection? And did you know that 13% of iPhone users have dropped their iPhone in a toilet? (ewww)

Because I love infographics (it’s the visual learner in me), and because it’s always fun to learn something new,  I thought I would share this with you —

Need a new iPhone case after reading this? Never fear — Tiny Prints has a wide selection of customizable cases. You can check them all out here.

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