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We Need a Family Vacation!

beach vacation

My husband and I are trying to plan a family vacation for this spring or early summer. We have never taken our kids on a trip before, so we would really like to finally plan something that we can all enjoy. We have talked about where we want to go, but we haven’t officially decided on a destination. We definitely want to go somewhere warm that is close to the beach. We also want to go somewhere that has plenty of things to do that are family-friendly.

We have narrowed it down to the following:

1. Florida – The kids are dying to go Disney World, LegoLand, Sea World, etc. and we have friends that live there that we would love to see.

2. California – We have family in northern CA that we would love to see, and if we had enough time we would definitely make a trip south to Disneyland and LegoLand.

3. Hawaii – It’s gorgeous and there’s so much to do. Plus, our friends have a timeshare in Oahu that we could use, so we would really only have to pay for airfare. It would still be pretty pricey, but well worth it.

4. Australia – The geography is beautiful and the culture is so interesting. We have looked into visiting Sydney and the hotels in darling harbour look amazing! This would be the most expensive trip, but one we would love to take. It might be one we would have to take when the kids are a little older.

We really need to make a decision, so we can start planning our trip and looking for the best deals on airfare, hotels, etc.

Hawaii would be my top choice. I’ve been there before and absolutely loved it. However, it would be more expensive than Disney, so we are definitely leaning towards FL or CA. It makes the most sense with kids!

Where would you love to take your family on vacation?

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