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60% Off Halo Sleepsacks on Zulily!

Fall is officially here, which means Winter is right around the corner. It’s time for some warmer sleepsacks for your little ones! Recently I posted about a great deal on Halo Sleepsacks from BabySteals, and unfortunately they sold out really fast and a lot of you missed out. If you were one of those people, you are in luck because they are being featured on Zulily for 60% off! This is an even better deal than what BabySteals had! Retail price is $25 and they are going for $12.99 (one is even $9.99!). I’m seeing the lightweight cotton ones for warmer climates, as well as the fleece and super-soft plushy dots for cooler climates.

This is a fantastic deal! I wouldn’t pass it up. We love them for our 11-month-old twins that have been walking for a couple of months. I am a firm believer in them from a safety standpoint, as well as for helping babies sleep better. Our twins have slept through the night since 10 weeks and take great naps during the day. If you are unsure about using sleepsacks, you can read my previous post here as well.

Use coupon code GAF6747 to save $5 on your order of $50 or more!

Click here to shop! I’m also seeing balance bikes, strollers, and plush blankets just to name a few.

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