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Make Someone Smile With Flowers

Flowers make me smile. The color and beauty always seem to brighten my day. I think that’s why I love Spring and Summer so much. Everywhere I go there are always so many pretty flowers. We have them all over our yard and I love how nice they make our house look.

I also love to receive bouquets of flowers, especially from my husband. I never get tired of him surprising me with them, and over the years he has surprised me a lot! We started dating when we really young and dated all through high school and part of college before we eventually got married. Even though he didn’t make a lot of money back then, he always bought me flowers. Still to this day, he almost always buys me long-stem roses — usually the ones that are yellow or pink and have pink tips. He also knows that I love daisies, so sometimes he will buy me those too. I used to save all of my bouquets from him, but over the course of our relationship I accumulated quite a few and eventually had to part with them.

When we were younger my husband always bought me flowers from the florist shop or grocery store, but now that we are older he usually orders them online and has them delivered. It’s always a nice surprise when I hear a knock on the door and there’s a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Sometimes he sends them to me just because, but most of the time he sends them for special occasions like our anniversary. I know some women think it’s cliché to receive flowers, especially for Valentine’s Day, but I am totally a sucker for them. It makes me feel special to know that my husband takes the time to pick out flowers he knows I will love and then surprises me with them.

I think most women will agree that they love to receive flowers. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, it’s always a nice gesture. The next time you are looking to brighten someone’s day, have some flowers delivered!

Do flowers make you smile? Do you ever get tired of receiving them? Be honest and let me know your thoughts!

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