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Moving? Let Shop Your Way Moving Help You Every Step of the Way

Four years ago today we moved into our new home. It seems like it was just yesterday! I still remember how stressed I was that it was moving day and we still didn’t have our house packed up completely. We had already arranged for family and friends to come help us move, so there was no turning back. As the men moved all the furniture and heavy boxes, us women finished packing what was left. By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted. While the moving part was complete, there was still tons of cleaning to do at both houses. It took at least a couple of weeks to feel like we were back to normal. It was a bittersweet feeling once it was all over!

Make Your Next Move Easier with Shop Your Way Moving

Now that we are finally settled into our new home, it’s crazy to me that my husband and I are considering moving again. Do we really want to have to pack up our whole house again? And do we really want to have to deal with what comes with selling a home, especially considering how busy we are right now with three kids? And not to mention, do we want to go through the whole process of shopping for new appliances, window coverings, etc. all over again? I will be honest, thinking about these questions makes me both excited and overwhelmed. It’s definitely something for us to think about seriously for a while before we make a decision.

Make Your Next Move Easier with Shop Your Way Moving

Should we decide to move again, I am definitely going to take advantage of Shop Your Way Moving, a free service for Shop Your Way Members. They provide access to services that can help you with every aspect of moving — storage, lodging, repairs, movers, reserving a truck, cleaning, junk removal and purchasing items for your new home. Shop Your Way Moving is also the place to go to get suggestions and design solutions for new spaces, including kitchen design, garage organization, and new appliance recommendations. There are Moving Advisors at your service so you can sit back and relax and let them take care of the hassles!

Make Your Next Move Easier with Shop Your Way Moving

Let Shop Your Way Moving Help You Every Step of the Way

Moving can be super stressful! If you’re looking for a convenient and simple way to manage through the process, Shop Your Way Moving can help you every step of the way. To take advantage of Shop Your Way Moving, you’ll need to first become a Shop Your Way member (it’s free!) and then you will be able to sign up for all the great products and services available through Shop Your Way Moving at

About Shop Your Way

Shop Your Way is a free and instant member-based loyalty program and social shopping community that offers rewards and personalized services. You can browse, review and purchase items, create custom wish lists to share with friends and family, seek advice and enter amazing daily sweepstakes. You can earn and redeem points for your purchases and by participating in the Points for Progress program.

Shop Your Way Moving

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Get 10% off plus $25 in points (25,000 points) when you spend $499 or more at Sears, Kmart or If you’re planning on moving this summer and need to purchase a big-ticket item, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this awesome deal!

Make your next move easier and less stressful. Visit Shop Your Way Moving now for moving tips, services and products!

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I am a Sears/Kmart Shop Your Way Ambassador. Even though I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.

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