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PlasmaCar by PlaSmart {Review & Giveaway}


It’s always hard to find toys that all three of my children will enjoy, considering that there is an eight year age gap between my ten-year-old son and almost two-year-old twin daughters. My son tends to like anything involving sports and action figures, while my girls like baby dolls and books. With Christmas approaching and funds being limited, I set out to find toys that they all could love and enjoy.

My search landed me on the PlaSmart website, where I found lots of fun games, building sets, classic toys, and more. I was instantly drawn to the PlasmaCar, and knew that it would be a hit with all of my kids.

The PlasmaCar, by PlaSmart, is a mechanical marvel that makes use of the most inexhaustible source of energy; kid-power. One of the world’s best-selling children’s ride-on-toys, the PlasmaCar’s unique and award-winning design requires no batteries, pedals, gears, or electrical parts to propel the car; you simply turn the steering wheel, and away you go! 

The PlasmaCar harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force and friction. Quiet, inexpensive, and providing limitless playability, the PlasmaCar is truly a unique toy that can reach exhilarating, but kid-friendly, speeds of up to 10 km/hour (6 mph). . . It’s pure energy, and pure fun! The Plasmacar can hold up to 220 pounds making it fun for everyone – from toddlers to adults!

I was super excited when PlaSmart agreed to let us review the PlasmaCar. I almost thought about saving it for my son’s birthday, but as soon as it arrived I couldn’t help but let him open it right away. Of course, all three kids started to fight over it as soon as we got it put together. They all wanted to test it out and ride it around on the kitchen floor, since it was too dark to go outside. It was fun watching them try to figure out how to make it go!

As soon as we had the opportunity to try the PlasmaCar outside, my son was all about trying to see how fast he could go down the driveway and onto the sidewalk. He couldn’t get enough of it! It did take a little bit for him to get used to learning how to steer it to make it go on its own, but once he got the hang of it, he went up and down the sidewalk over and over again.

Since my girls are too little to figure out how to steer the car, they mostly just sit on it and push themselves around using their feet. The nice thing is two people can ride on it, so the girls like to take turns riding on it with their big brother. It is very exciting to see them all loving it!

I love how the PlasmaCar appeals to all ages and can even hold a grown adult. Our whole family can enjoy it! It’s fun to see my husband take the girls for rides, and it’s also very humorous to see grandma and grandpa try it out too. I also like that it is well-made and will be a toy that the kids will enjoy for a long time.

Grandma loves it too!

If you are looking for a fun Christmas present that all your children will love, and one that will last a long time, I would highly recommend the PlasmaCar! You can buy it from stores like and You can also search here to find a list of local retailers near you.

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