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Secrets to Saving Money at Starbucks

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I am a huge coffee drinker. I’m one of those people that only needs one cup, but needs it every morning. It’s one of my most favorite things. Occasionally, I will grab something from Starbucks, but it’s always so darn expensive.  And now Starbucks is raising their prices yet again! However, there are still ways to save if you decide to go there. Thanks to Stacey for giving me the tip, found here.

Here’s the gist of the article written by Michael Koretzky:

• Get a free Starbucks card that earns you free drink customization, free coffee and tea refills, and a free drink on your birthday.
• Keep your Starbucks cup and bring it back at any time for 50-cent coffee refills.
• Bring your own reusable cup and Starbucks will nick 10 cents off the price in recognition of your eco-consciousness. And as regulars learned long ago: If you order a tall drink and bring a very big reusable cup,you get some extra beverage for free.
• Use their free (for two hours) Wi-Fi to answer email, surf and connect online.

‘Poor man’s latte’
If you want an iced latte but don’t have latte cash on hand, “You can order the espresso over ice in a big cup,” suggests our barista. “Then you can walk right over to our condiment bar and use our carafes of whole milk, half and half, and nonfat.” While the prices vary according to Starbucks and state — and they’re going up yet again — our barista says, “It’s way, way cheaper. You’ll save a lot of money.” In general, she says, only about “one customer every couple hours” has figured out how to buy straight coffee and espresso and use the free condiments to mix their own beverages — and they never get called on it. “We can’t do anything about,” she says. “What are we going to say? Don’t use our milk and syrups that we put out for everyone?”

Good to know!

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