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10 Creative Ways To Make Exposed Pipes Chic In Any Room

In most homes, you don’t see any exposed pipes. This is because pipes are usually added before the internal walls are built. You generally only see them in older or remodeled homes, often because it was too difficult to put them behind the walls. Alternatively, they could have been placed that way for style reasons.

10 Creative Ways To Make Exposed Pipes Chic In Any Room

If you have experienced plumbing issues in the past and have been unable to trace the pipes, you may need to call a professional. If you have any concerns regarding your plumbing and you live in the Sydney area you can click here to contact an expert local plumbing service.

Unfortunately pipes tend to fade and even start to show corrosion. Even if it was your idea to leave them exposed, you may want to make them look a little nicer with some of these ideas.

10 Creative Ways To Make Exposed Pipes Chic In Any Room

Paint Them

Add a bright color to your room and paint your exposed pipes the same color. This will help the pipes look like they are a part of the room and add a chic finish.

Cover with Bamboo

Another option is to purchase a piece of bamboo big enough to go over your pipes and cut a slit in the back of it. This will allow you to gently ease the bamboo round the pipe.

You could even have it looking like a supporting pillar; especially if you choose a stouter wood.

Create a Vine

If you have copper pipes crawling up your wall then you can make them a feature by tacking flat metal leaves onto the pipes. You will need to cut the leaves and solder them onto the pipes.

The result will be a beautiful copper tree climbing up your wall.

Knitted Covers

If you are handy with a pair of knitting needles then you can simply knit a scarf to be wrapped round the pipes. Not only will this be a fun accent, you can change it according to the season or your current wall color.

Make a Shelf

The pipe can be made to look like it is the supporting column for a shelf or shelves. Simply add wall brackets around the pipe to take shelves.

You can add as many or as few shelves as you wish in order to hide the pipe and create additional storage or decoration space.

Tape Them

Another idea is to apply finishing tape directly to the pipes. You will need to take your time applying it to ensure it is as smooth a finish as possible.

You can add stripes, a bright color, or even bullet hole effect. The choice is yours.

Stickered Plastic Covers

The traditional way to deal with exposed pipes is to add a white plastic cover. It is split down one side to allow you to clip it round your pipe.

However, you can make this much more chic by adding your favorite stickers to the plastic cover before you slip it over your pipe.

Hanging Implements

If your pipe work snakes up the wall then you can use it as a hanging tool. For example, in the kitchen you could hang your utensils from it. In your living room you could clip personal photos to it to create a picture tree.

Using the pipes as part of your display space will add to the attractiveness of the room. Just be sure not to hang anything too heavy from it.

Create a Box

If you really can’t stand the pipes, you can make your home more chic by making a box out of wood and gluing it to the wall round your pipe. This will effectively hide them.

Embrace Them

If you are unable to hide your pipes, then you have no choice but to embrace them. Accept them as part of your room and match your room to the pipe.

At the end of the day, you can do anything you want with the pipes as long as you are not placing a strain on them — you don’t want to have a leak on your hands!

What are some of your creative ideas for covering up exposed pipes?

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