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Get Organized with the Arc Customizable Notebook System

With three kids and a busy schedule, I have to stay organized or I go crazy. I usually put everything in my planner or phone, but neither of them are customizable or allow for longer entries. When I learned about the M by Staples Arc Customizable Notebook System, I was intrigued and excited to see if it would give me that extra organization that I was looking for.

Arc Customizable Notebook

If you’ve never heard of or seen an Arc notebook, they are really unique. The notebooks and accessories allow you to create a customizable notebook system that is organized just the way you want it. There fun thing is there are several different notebook styles to choose from. I received the new quilted notebook in black. It is shiny and super girly. I love it!

Arc Customizable Notebook

Each Arc notebook comes loaded with ruled paper and then you add different accessories to customize it the way you want it. I have poly tab dividers to separate the paper into sections and I have page flags so that I can flag pages that I want to reference quickly. There are lots of other accessories to choose from like adhesive notes, sheet protectors, zip pockets, task pads, and weekly/monthly filler paper.

Arc Customizable Notebook

The really unique thing about the Arc notebook is you can add, remove, and rearrange pages easily with the notched disc system. The edge of each piece of paper/accessory has little notches that easily snap into the solid round binder portion of the notebook.

Arc Customizable Notebook

I plan on organizing my notebook to include a grocery and to-do list, as well as an income/expenses section to help me organize our budget a little better. I would also like to add weekly filler paper so that I can use the Arc as a planner and eliminate the need for two notebooks.

If you are looking to get organized and love being able to customize your life, I would highly recommend the Arc Notebook System! You can find the notebooks and accessories at your local Staples store or online at Notebooks start at just $14.99.


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