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  • AD Growing up, I played just about every sport I could. I loved being competitive and having fun with my friends. To this day, I enjoy staying active and being fit, and I encourage my kids to the same. . It’s been so fun to watch my twin girls play competitive soccer and basketball, two of my favorite sports. As a mom, I think it’s important to support them and empower them to reach their goals. . That’s why I love that @Powerade (our favorite electrolyte drink for staying hydrated before & after exercise) is partnering with Walmart to donate up to $50,000 to the U.S Soccer Girls’ Development Academy! . Learn more about the donation program & purchase Powerade at Walmart here: www.walmart.com/POWERADE #PowerTheirGoals #PowerYourGoal
  • Had a great time at the lake with my loves! 🎣 We only have 3 weekends left until school starts so we’re really trying to make the best of what we have left of summer break. I sure wish my kids had 3 full months off like I did when I was a kid! When do your kids go back to school? 💕
  • This American Flag 🇺🇸 Charcuterie Board is perfect for the Fourth of July or any time you want to serve a red, white, & blue appetizer! #ad . Featuring #PrimoTaglio premium hand trimmed meat and naturally aged cheese from @Safeway, it is delicious and perfect for entertaining. . See how to make it + get a coupon to save on Primo Taglio products on the blog {link in bio} 💙❤️
  • Summer is officially here and so are the bugs! Aren’t they annoying?! #ad I feel like I’m constantly trying to get rid of them. With kids and a dog, I don’t want to use products that contain harsh chemicals. That’s why I was so happy to discover @zevoinsect products! . Zevo bio-targeted sprays are completely safe to use around kids and pets when used as directed. Not only do they smell great, but they also work AWESOME! Flies, ants, spiders, wasps, fruit flies -- you name it -- they don’t stand a chance with Zevo! #WaySmarterThanBugs . Zevo sprays and traps are now #AvailableAtTarget in select areas. Click the link in my bio for a 10% off Cartwheel offer to save! Hurry, offer is only valid until 7/6 💕
  • How much screen time do you let your kids have each day? Do you let them have more in the summer?☀️ . If I don’t keep my kids busy over summer break, they tend to turn to devices to entertain them. I’ve used different apps to monitor and limit their screen time but after learning about Verizon’s #JustKidsPlan, I think it’s a much better option! . We stopped by our local #Verizon store to learn more about the Just Kids Plan and we were so impressed with all of the features. You can set limits, block content, restrict contacts, monitor your child’s location and more. You can add it to your Family Plan starting at $35/month per line. I’ll be sharing more details on the blog soon! 💕#brandpartner
  • We’ve been traveling a lot over the past year, which makes me so happy! #AD On all of our trips, I’ve made sure to take plenty of pics. You can never have too many, plus it’s always nice to be able to pick one out for holiday cards! . If you’d love the opportunity to go on a vacay and capture an epic photo for your holiday cards, I have an AMAZING giveaway to share with you. @Expedia is giving away a $50,000 all-expenses paid trip to one lucky winner! Be sure to swipe up on my stories to enter! #holidaycards #ExpediaPic
  • Who knew that the hubs and I would love cooking together so much?! 🥰 Thanks to @hellofresh, we’ve been making some yummy meals together. It’s been a great way to reconnect after a long day of work and it’s actually a lot of fun! The meals are delicious and easy to make and I love not having to stress about meal planning. With 3 kids and a busy schedule, I can’t tell you how much this has saved my sanity over the past year! . Have you tried HelloFresh? You can get $80 off your first month of meals when you click the link in my bio and use my code PENNYWISEMAMA80 💕 #hellofreshpartner #hellofreshpics #freshfriends #getcooking
  • What are the benefits of giving your child a smartphone?📱For me, it’s all about being able to stay in touch with my kids when they aren’t with me. I want to be able to reach them when they go to sports, after-school activities, friends’ houses, etc. I also think that smartphones can be beneficial for academic purposes. My son’s high school posts assignments, grades and more online that he needs to be able to access in order to be successful at school. . As parents, I think it’s important to sit down with our kids and discuss potential situations like how to handle bullying, emergencies, social media, etc. BEFORE we give a child a smartphone. . Once we decide the timing is right for our twin girls, I am happy to know that #Verizon offers a #JustKidsPlan that comes with parental controls, filters and more. Stop by a Verizon store to learn more! 💕#brandpartner