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Travel in the Summer on a Budget

My husband and I have been trying to plan our first family vacation. We would like to travel somewhere within the US {preferably a beach location} this summer. The problem is everywhere we want to go is so expensive. We aren’t going to let that get in our way though of at least traveling somewhere. We are determined to find some good travel deals and plan an awesome vacation on a budget.

In order to plan our trip, we need to find good deals in the following areas:

Airline Tickets

We have two free round trip airline tickets from our Southwest Credit Card rewards that we need to use, so that will save us some money. We have been checking promo codes for Southwest Airlines Vacations to try and get a good deal on the three other tickets we would need to buy for our family of five to fly. We could always drive too, but we figure we should use our free tickets as long as we have them.

Hotel Accommodations

We are picky about where we like to stay, so this might be our hardest area to cut costs. I have found in the past that we can get some good deals {up to 50% off} when we find and use coupons for Expedia. We have stayed in some nice four-star hotels for what it would normally cost to stay in a two-star hotel just by utilizing coupons.

Rental Car

If we do decide to fly, we will need to rent a large vehicle. With a family of five, we need an SUV or van to fit our two car seats and all of our luggage. I am going to have to see if I can find online coupons for this. I’m hoping that I will be able to since vans and SUV’s generally cost a lot more than compact or mid-size vehicles.

Entertainment and Attractions

I am already watching some of the daily deal sites for deals on attractions. I saw one awhile back for 50% off LegoLand in California and wished I could have purchased it. At that time we just didn’t know where we wanted to go, so I didn’t buy it. Now that I know that we would like to go to California or Florida I will be ready to purchase deals on attractions.

Today is the first day of Summer, so I guess I better get myself in gear if we are going to go anywhere anytime soon! I am excited to plan our first vacation on a budget and I look forward to all of the memories that will be made!

Do you plan on traveling anywhere this Summer? Did you (or will you) use online coupons to save on some of the expenses?


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