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Flips HD Headphones & Speaker Hybrid Review

I work out at my local gym five days a week. Most days I just do intense heavy lifting, but some days I also incorporate cardio. I have found that the difference between a good workout and a great workout come down to two things — sufficient energy and great music. The energy factor is pretty obvious. The more energy I have, the better workout I have. When it comes to music, having upbeat, motivating tunes blasting in my ears throughout my workout motivates me to push harder. There have been days when my Internet isn’t working on my phone and I can’t stream music. Those are the days that I drag butt in the gym.

Flips Headphones

I was so happy when I first saw all of the new headphone options on the market earlier this year. I can’t handle ear buds while I work out. They hurt my ears and constantly fall out. They drive me crazy! Thankfully, I recently had the opportunity to review a pair of Flips headphones, a new genius headphone/speaker hybrid concept created by Flips Audio. I was anxious to try them out and see how they compared to my expensive competitor brand headphones.

What Makes Flips So Different?

Flips are the only headphones on the market today that allow the user to flip from a single user (solo) listening mode to an “amp’d up speaker” for a multi-listener (social) experience! The “Solo 2 Social” unique feature is activated simply by rotating both ear cups outward (away from the head) for sharing your favorite tune with friends and back to headphone mode once the ear cups are flipped back to their original positions. The cool thing is you don’t have to press any buttons when you change between positions. Not only are they easy to use, they truly are unique!

Flips Headphones

Flips are super comfortable to wear, even at the gym. I oftentimes have people ask me, “Are those comfortable for working out in?” “Do they fall off when you work out?” Is the sound quality that much better than ear buds?” I always answer the same — yes, they are comfortable; no, they don’t fall off; and yes, the sound quality is better! I will never go back to wearing ear buds again. The comfort, style, and quality offered by Flips headphones is just that much better!

Flips Headphones

Now when it comes to sound quality, Flips are amazing in both solo mode or social mode. They offer just as good of sound quality as other popular brands that are twice as much money. I was actually very impressed with the speaker quality in social mode. I was expecting them to sound “cheap,” but the quality is crisp and clear.

Flips Headphones

There are quite a few headphones on the market right now, which makes it really hard to decide which ones to buy. If you are looking for a unique pair that are made well and offer high quality sound, I would highly recommend Flips. They are great for anyone who loves listening to music, whether that be casually or professionally.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Flips directly from the Flips Audio website or from retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. They retail for $120 but the great thing is if you purchase them from Flips Audio, you will be offered a 30 day money back guarantee. If you try them out and don’t like them, you can send them back within 30 days for a full refund.


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