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Prep for Game Day with These #BathroomBreak Must-Haves

I’ve always been big into watching sports but now that I have kids, it seems so much harder to watch them on TV. There’s just too many distractions — kids running around, food and drinks to replenish, toilets to unclog…the list goes on — so I’ve pretty much given up. With that said, I always make it a point to watch the Big Game. It’s usually an exciting game to watch and the halftime show and commercials are the best part!

Febreze Small Spaces

This year we are hosting a Super Bowl LI party at our house, so I’ve been scrambling to get everything ready. Besides making sure we have a variety of delicious snacks and drinks to serve our guests, I’ve been doing some hardcore spring cleaning. That means making sure our bathrooms are spotless and smell fresh!

Charmin #BathroomBreak Facts

Besides the food table, the bathroom sees a lot of action during the game — specifically during halftime. In fact, the amount of water flushed on average during halftime is equivalent to seven minutes of water flowing over Niagara Falls. Wowza! Additionally, halftime bathroom breaks release more odor molecules in the air than there are blades of grass on every football field in America combined. I can’t even!

Prep for Game Day with These #BathroomBreak Must-Haves

Whether you are a die-hard fan or just a commercial watcher, at some point you are going to want to take a break from all the action and sit on the throne. Make sure your experience, and more importantly, your guests’, is top-notch by prepping your bathroom with Charmin Mega Roll and Febreze Small Spaces. The powerhouse duo will take care of your behind and any lingering odors, so that you can relax and enjoy the go.

Charmin Ultra Strong for Game Day

Charmin is my go-to brand and for good reason. Unlike other brands, Charmin is soft and thick and lasts longer, so I don’t have to replace a roll as often. Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll has washcloth-like cleaning and strength and is 4x stronger when wet vs. the leading bargain brand, which makes it a great choice for those “half-time” bathroom breaks!

Febreze Small Spaces

Febreze Small Spaces fits into any decor and smells great. It traps and neutralizes odors — a must-have for any party! To get into the Big Game spirit, I have mine set up next to this cute little bobblehead.

Charmin Game Day

Charmin Mega Roll and Febreze are a super addition to your {toilet} bowl and should be at the top of your shopping list. Make sure you grab them for the Big Game!

What are some of your #BathroomBreak tips for Game Day?

I partnered with Charmin & Febreze to bring you this post. All opinions are my own.

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