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Yummy Food & Drink Ideas for the Big Game

The Big Game is this weekend! Are you ready? Even though our favorite team isn’t playing, we are still excited to watch and see who comes out on top. Plus, it’s always fun to have family and friends over to relax, enjoy the game, and eat some yummy food!

Game Day Snack Ideas

If you need some Game Day food inspiration, I’ve rounded up some yummy food and drink ideas that are effortless and delicious. Check them out!

Big Az Burgers & Sandwiches

Like the clever name suggests, these BIG AZ burgers and sandwiches are HUGE! Each one is over a half a pound — perfect for satisfying big appetites on Game Day!

Big Az Sandwiches

BIG AZ Cheeseburger: A massive beef patty topped with a slice of American cheese and served on a sesame bun
AZ Kickin’ Jalapeno Cheeseburger: A giant beef patty topped with a slice of pepper-jack cheese and zesty jalapenos and served on a bun
BIG AZ Country Fried Chicken Sandwich: Huge crispy breaded chicken topped with creamy white cheese and served on the world’s best sesame seed bun
BIG AZ Biscuit Stacker: A fluffy egg topped with American cheese, signature sausage and mouth-watering bacon and served on a homestyle buttermilk biscuit

The best part is these sandwiches are quick and easy to prepare and taste great. Pick up a variety to serve your guests on Game Day and no one will go hungry!

See where to buy Big AZ Sandwiches + get a $1.00 OFF Coupon HERE.

Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips

These Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips are not only delicious, they are made with non-GMO organic corn and have only 6g fat per serving. They are USDA Organic, gluten free, certified kosher and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. You can feel great knowing you are serving your family and friends a better-for-you snack with simpler ingredients!

Garden of Eatin' Nacho Tortilla Chips

Choose from Ranch (made with buttermilk, garlic & onion) or Nacho (made with farmhouse cheddar and paprika). The new flavors are certified USDA organic and are crafted with mouthwatering seasonings that are sure to be a hit with your Big Game crowd!

See where to buy Garden of Eatin’ Chips HERE.

Better Bean Co Dips

A party isn’t a party without beans. Beans + chips = snack perfection! These Better Beans are not only delicious, they are better for you. They are made in small batches with regional ingredients in a dedicated kitchen free of top allergens. On top of that, they are soaked and prepared for easy digestion — so no worries about serving beans at your party, if you catch my drift!

Better Bean Co Dip

The best part is these beans are ready to eat — simply open and eat straight from the tub! You can also mix them with salsa, sour cream or avocado for a quick, easy dip or spoon into quesadillas and burritos. I like to add some cheese to the top and microwave them for a bit to create a cheesy bean dip. YUM!

See where to buy Better Beans + get a Buy One Get One Free Coupon HERE.

Full Sail Brewery Session Premium Lager

You’re going to want some cold drinks to enjoy with all these tasty snacks and Session Premium Lager from Full Sail Brewery is a must-have! It comes in a retro cool bottle for easy drinking and tastes great. It’s a classic, all-malt lager that’s crisp, smooth, and refreshing.


Named #1 American Pilsner on the “Top Ten List of lagers Brewed in the United States,” Session Premium Lager is the perfect beer to enjoy with burgers, chips and dip!

See where to purchase Session Premium Lager HERE.

Yummy Food & Drink Ideas for the Big Game

You can’t go wrong with these yummy Game Day snacks from Big Az, Garden of Eatin’, Better Bean Co and Full Sail Brewery. They are quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious. Your guests will love them!

Which of these Game Day snacks are you most excited to try?

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. #BigGameBabbleboxx

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