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Straighten Teeth with Confidence with Invisalign Teen Guarantee

Last week my teen son and I went down to Denver to meet with Dr. Charles Reed, an orthodontist and Elite Provider for Invisalign. After taking x-rays and examining my son’s teeth, Dr. Reed determined that my son would be a good candidate for Invisalign Teen. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign Teen clear aligners are removable and can straighten teeth without a mouth full of metal and all the hassle that comes with it — no broken wires or brackets, no food restrictions, no cut up gums after sports, etc.

Invisalign Teen Guarantee

After discussing the pros and cons of both traditional braces and Invisalign Teen, we decided that Invisalign Teen would be the best fit for my son. His teeth really aren’t that bad, but he does have some teeth that need to be moved or turned in order for his teeth to straighten out and align properly. He will be the first of his friends to have clear aligners instead of traditional braces, so he is pretty excited about that. He will be starting his treatment next month and is really looking forward to being able to take the clear aligners out to eat, drink and play sports.

Invisalign Teen Guarantee

The great thing is if for some reason we are not satisfied within the first six months of treatment, we can switch to traditional wires and brackets at no additional cost as part of the Invisalign Teen Guarantee. The Invisalign Teen Guarantee gives teens and their parents the confidence to choose Invisalign Teen clear aligners knowing they can opt out at no additional cost and continue treatment with wires and brackets if Invisalign treatment isn’t right for them. It also gives parents added confidence their child will achieve their teeth-straightening goals and gives teens the teeth straightening option they REALLY want.

Invisalign Teen Guarantee

Dr. Charles Reed of Reed Orthodontics in Denver, CO agrees. He states, “The Invisalign Teen Guarantee has had a tremendous impact on our treatment of teenagers. Patients have increasingly desired a clear, esthetic treatment option to overcome the social pressures and discomfort associated with traditional braces. Now, they and their parents can be comfortable and confident as they achieve a beautiful smile.”

4 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Teen

Still unsure if clear aligners are right for your teen? Here are some reasons advantages to choosing Invisalign Teen:

1. Invisalign Teen clear aligners can correct most common and complex teeth straighten concerns. A consultation with a doctor experienced in Invisalign Teen treatment will confirm if your teen is a candidate.

2. Invisalign Teen clear aligners actually cost about the same as metal braces, and just like braces, they’re included under most dental insurance policies.

3. Teens straightening teeth with Invisalign Teen clear aligners don’t experience the negative impacts of treatment in the same way that teens in traditional braces do.

  • Teens wearing Invisalign Teen are 68% less likely to be teased than those wearing metal braces.*
  • Forty percent of teens think that wearing traditional braces would have or has had a negative impact on their self-confidence, while just 13% say this about Invisalign treatment*

4. The Invisalign Teen Guarantee gives you the confidence to choose Invisalign Teen clear aligners for your teen knowing that if they are not satisfied within the first six months of treatment, a participating doctor will switch your teen into traditional wires and brackets at no additional cost.

Invisalign Teen Guarantee

The Invisalign Teen Guarantee is currently offered by participating orthodontists in Denver, Houston, Boston and Minneapolis and is only available through Jan. 31, 2017. Find a doctor near you today to take advantage of this great offer! 

*Kelton. Invisalign Teen Confidence Study, 2014

I partnered with Invisalign to bring you this post. All opinions are my own.

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